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  • Ariel, aren’t you going too fast?: I must check project criticity. What is more valuable? 0 errors + everybody happy or multiple customs at the phone & the team screaming at you? The first is, and must be truth always. Am I willing to take the risk to damage my (team’s) image and client relation by releasing to production an untested code? Am I crazy??

  • API-First design: it worths every time spent on it. Just choose a platform and add it to the development cycle.

  • Be open to other’s solutions: really, I must give it a try everytime.

  • Be always polite: it will keep the doors open for another chance.

  • Men down! men down!: If motivation goes down for several days, the way to keep track of productivity is to pick the best day I had and compare to it. Be the best version of yourself.

  • It is my responsability to say NO: Protect the projects from quick solutions that atempt againts maintainability/scalability/resilience or promotes cohesion.

  • Missing documentation is an oportunity to expand knowledge: When I take ownership on a legacy project, I have to make time to know it; documenting is a good place to getting to know it.