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On communication

  • Be transparent, but don’t freak others out: show progress on the topic I am working on but I shouldn’t bother my public with internal problems unless it can provide a benefit (maybe they can help to solve/unblock it). Intead I should say “I will keep the work on it until it is solved/fixed”.

  • I have to go to meetings with a summary: especially when the meeting is a work done report; I’m not good for on-the-fly summaries.

  • When I ask someone to work in my favor, I must begin the question with “what do you think about making X… ?”: It places a collaborative stage between the person and me to solve a problem instead of just delegating a problem and disappear.

On project management

  • Put my full effort on blockers immediatly: I must not make a path to avoid them. It has to be solved as soon as possible.

  • Ownership is the path to control and quality: If I have ownership over a project it will grow under my protection and I will have focus on the technical debt. Success on the project will be attached to my own success.